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        Ventilation duct is a product made for air circulation. Its characteristics and advantages are to achieve ventilation and enhance air circulation. Its material selection is generally made of profiles or plates. Here are the links and precautions:
        1. Insert connection: it is mainly used for rectangular air duct connection. It is to insert different forms of inserts into both ends of the air duct and then compact it.
        Henan ventilation duct
        2. Plug in connection: it is mainly used for the connection of rectangular or circular air ducts. First make the connecting pipes, then insert the air ducts on both sides, and then fix them tightly with pull rivets.
        3. Hose connection: it is mainly used to connect the air duct and components. During installation, both ends of the hose are sleeved outside the connected pipe, and then the hose is clamped tightly with a special soft clamp.
        4. Hoop connection: it is mainly used for the connection between the round air duct of steel plate and Henan spiral air duct. Firstly, roll out the drum reinforcement at both ends of each pipe section and shrink one end into a small opening. During installation, insert the small opening into the large opening according to the air flow direction. The drum hoops at both ends are tightly connected with steel hoops outside, and then threaded in the middle of the ring with bolts.
        Precautions for ventilation duct
        1) For more complex civil buildings, in the design stage, various types of work (HVAC, water supply and drainage, power supply, lighting and Architecture) should first negotiate the space separation and determine the elevation range of each kind of Henan ventilation pipeline. In general, you should not go beyond the limits set for yourself. In case of crossing the boundary of an individual pipe section, it shall negotiate with other projects.
        Installation and fabrication of ventilation duct
        2) The principle to solve the collision and coordination of various ventilation ducts is generally as follows: "small pipe gives way to large pipe, pressure gives way to no pressure". For example, if the water pipe collides with the ventilation pipe, the water pipe should turn. If the cold and hot water pipes collide with the downpipe, the cold and hot water pipes shall be changed.
        3) Before construction, the engineer of the equipment main pipe shall draw the pipeline and single line of each type of work on a plan. Use a color pen for each type of pipe. Synthesize the elevation at each intersection to see if there is any contradiction, find it in time and solve the problem before installation.
        4) In order to reduce investment, save space and reduce floor height, some pipelines without slope requirements can be laid through beams (such as tap water pipeline, fire spraying main pipe, etc.).
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