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          来源:http://www.rps-infinia.com 日期:2020-09-04 发布人:gaoshitongferng

          Ventilation pipe is a kind of metal or non-metallic pipe used in ventilation and air-conditioning engineering of industrial and civil buildings. It is a municipal infrastructure for air circulation. The ventilation pipes for purification air conditioning system can be divided into galvanized ventilation pipe, stainless steel ventilation pipe and combined pipe
          1. Galvanized ventilation pipe: widely used in hotels, shopping malls, textile, chemical fiber, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics, food, storage, office buildings, subway, civil air defense, basement and other projects of air supply, exhaust, smoke exhaust. It has the advantages of high strength, small resistance, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, simple installation, long service life, on-site production, cutting, drilling, opening, simple installation, saving labor and time, shortening construction period and low maintenance cost.

          2. Stainless steel ventilation pipe: corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other physical and chemical properties, mainly used in a variety of process exhaust systems with high air tightness requirements - solvent exhaust system, outdoor part of common exhaust system, hot and humid exhaust system, smoke exhaust system, etc.
          3. Combined ventilation pipe: it is a thin-walled pipe made of metal belt material roll. It is round, no welding, no air leakage and water leakage. It adopts standard component design. Through the flexible combination of components, it can form any form and direction of conveying pipeline. It is easy to install, convenient to maintain and dismantle, and has good sealing performance. It is mainly used for exhaust dust removal and bulk material transportation.
          The above is the introduction of three types of ventilation duct, our company undertakes the production and installation business of ventilation duct all year round, welcome friends to cooperate and negotiate. 上一篇:厨房排烟罩的排烟阀有什么作用?


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